One fine morning I'll awake and hope to learn;

One fine morning I'll awake to love's return

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(( a full circle ))
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Once upon a time...

There were two girls who set out to find what they had lost. Their journeys took them through many places - some places they knew, some they didn't, some they had expected, some they hadn't. At one point in the road ( not at the end - the road ever goes on ), they paused. It was as though they had awakened, wiser though not much older, and the world they viewed was not a new one, but a changed one. Now, when they looked in the mirror, the reflection they saw was the result of the light inside of them - a light which left them not different, but changed.

They had come

(( full circle ))


:d?, alternating-colors&radio-signals (oooh mozart!), and-the-road-goes-on, archetypes, as-time-goes-by (so slowly), asshat university (well-not-really), because-we're-worth-it (like loreal), being authoresses of our-own-stories, being heroine princesses, being rising scorpios, being type twos, believing, birds with crowns, cartoon lands of mystery, causing-spontaneous-earthquakes (sorry japan!), coming full circle, copying beethoven, designing battle costumes!, epic sleepovers of epic, everything is a metaphor, facing our reflections, feeling omnipresent, finding-the-star-for-our-direction, finishing-each-other's-sentences, franka wildhorna (muzikálu!), gangsta!sarah, getting lost in fantasties, ghetto!amalthea, goethe, grabby hands, guilt?, gumption, gumption girls!, haggard knows alllll!, hearts everywhere!, heathcliff for no reason, heroine gentleness, hoping to learn, hungary = mr. collins, in-search of new dreams, inexperienced brilliance, innocent eyes, innocent&wise, interviewing beethoven (what??), it is catherine earnshaw!*flail*, keeping our faith, lady amalthea, le chateau shopping sprees, life-themes, like hydrogen needs oxygen, lj is ____ journal, looking for omens, love's return, making-amalthea-watch-80s-movies, making-sarah-watch-composer-movies, masquerades (paper-faces-on-parade!), mediterranean hugs!, mediterranean perkiness, mirrors, moments-in-which-you-could live forever, my-name-is david hasselhoff, mysticism, never giving up, no dancing bush!, not being dramatized, not being stalked, not fake men, not-seeing mistakes and lies, ohhhhh those russians, one head, one heart, our own book-of-essays (and-modern-faerie-tales), our story, our-love-is-like-buzz-lightyear, parallel lives, please respect the caviar, pretending to be ourselves, pretending-to-be-paintings, protection from reality, putting-the-pieces-back-together, rah-rah-rasputin!, red-rose days, reminiscing, renaissance faires, renee!heathcliff & hugh!catherine, running away to europe, sacred geometry (where-movement-is-poetry), sanctuary, sarah williams, saralthea, saved by the book, saving the day, scarborough fayre, schmendrick is our hero, scorpio sparkliness abounds!, searching for our other-halves, sekrit lame duck relationships, simply-the-best-dressed-ever, sleeplessness, somewhere to breathe, somewhere to love, soon-to-be-realized-plans, staying true to ourselves, strength in the dark, symbols-and-irony-and-metaphors everywhere!, team hoglir ftw!, the bubble of denial, the bus that didn't-come, the catholic guide-to-life, the dark waltz, the happy retirement!, the hungarian catholic church, the labyrinth, the last unicorn, the lost-gospel of nelly, the mediterranean guide-to-life, the motherland calls!, the mysterious shaking noise?, the new anti-drug, the special footage! ♥, the von krolock unicorn, the-best-dear-abby-ever!, the-end-of-our-journeys, through dangers untold, tomoyo+sakura = bff!, traditional giggles!, turning-us-into-the-light, unchained melody, using-logic-and-imagination (equally!), vienna waits for us, viva la familia, walking man's road, wandering, we speak in memes, what happened (and-what-can-never-be), what not to wear, what we know now, where's the cream filling?, yelling in malls (in-our-mother-tongues), your-ghost-of-a-rose

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